international taxation

The resolution 3295/2016 of 9th April 2019 from the Central Economic-Administrative Court (TEAC by its acronym in Spanish), proposes the possibility of accepting the deduction from the payment of the managers of a company. To achieve this, it is necessary that the positions are mentioned as remunerated in the bylaws of the company; however, sometimes meeting this requirement may not be enough.

The Maltese regulation provides a tax exemption on royalties from patented inventions. Royalties and similar income derived from patents in respect of inventions, used in a trade / business, are exempt from tax in Malta. The exemption applies up to the level of the UBO.

In 2017, HMRC have designed a new plan relative to fiscal policies with the aim to introduce several new tax rules and rates that could have an impact on UK companies and self-employed persons from 2017 onwards.