The Government of Spain extends the state of alarm until May 24

The state of alarm is extended for two weeks to gradually combat the effects of COVID-19

On March 14th, the Government of Spain implemented the state of alarm for Coronavirus. Given the effects caused by the pandemic in the territory, it has been decided to extend said regulations until May 24th. The aim of this expansion is to return to normality through new measures of unconfinement that will be gradually implemented.

Spanish citizens are already experiencing their fourth expansion of the state of alarm due to Coronavirus. This territory is considered the second country in the world with more cases of COVID-19 for having a total of 237,183 infected and more than 25,000 deaths. Given this situation, the President of the Government, together with the support of 178 deputies, has decided to extend the state of alarm for two more weeks.

According to Pedro Sánchez, this will allow maintaining the appropriate restrictions so that the de-escalation is carried out correctly and thus be able to have the virus under control. In the economic sphere, the pandemic has produced a fall in Spanish GDP during the first three months of 2020, causing a large accumulation of unemployed in the country. Furthermore, the Government expects the tourism and service sectors to decrease by 9.2% this year, while the impact of the pandemic lasts.

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