The Tax Agency collapses during the first days of the campaign

Taxpayers do not want to be left without the return of the income that corresponds to theme

The confinement of citizens due to the Coronavirus has affected the 2019 Income Campaign. After the economic and social impact caused by the virus, taxpayers do not want to be left without the return of their corresponding income. An example of this has been the collapse of the Tax Agency website during the first days of the PIT campaign.

On April 1st, a total of 820,000 taxpayers submitted their 2019 income statement. This caused some errors on the web, such as not being able to access the services of the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency. Given this collapse of petitions, it is expected that this year a total of 21,030,000 declarations will be presented, of which 70% of the total will be returned. This will lead to a return of around 14,565,000 declarations with an amount of 10,686 million euros. In addition, in this context of alarm by COVID-19, the applicants have decided to submit their statements online.

Finally, this process will last until June 30th. However, the term of the declarations to be entered with direct debit will end on June 25th.

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