Owing to the opening of the period for presenting the income tax statement corresponding to the year 2011, we have to warn that there are attempts at fraud taking place on the internet.

The various attempts of deceit make reference to alleged tax refunds, by means of mass mailings by email which forge the identity and logo of the State Tax Administration Agency, or the identity of its directors. Often, the attempts at fraud make reference to alleged information that makes it impossible to deliver of the Income tax return and forges the logo of the Tax Agency.


The preliminary draft of the law combating financial fraud which the government of Spain has released contains a series of measures aimed at the prevention and struggle against financial fraud.

First of all, among other measures, it has reduced the limit of cash payments to 2,500 Euros, provided that at least the photo identification of a businessman or professional is produced.

The Maltese regulation provides a tax exemption on royalties from patented inventions. Royalties and similar income derived from patents in respect of inventions, used in a trade / business, are exempt from tax in Malta. The exemption applies up to the level of the UBO.

On June 10th, 2005 the Spanish government approved Royal Decree 687/2005 implementing the Personal Income Tax (hereinafter, PIT) regulations in relation to article 9.5 of the Spanish PIT Law, which is commonly known as the "Beckham law" and regulates the procedure to apply for the new Spanish tax regime for expatriates in force since January 1st, 2004.