Spanish Tax Resident Declaration Deadline April 30th

Citizens or Spanish companies that are legal tax residents of Spain are now obliged to file a declaration disclosing the ownership of all non-Spanish assets to include foreign bank accounts and real estate.


Since the Portuguese authorities approved the new Regime for Investment Activities in August 2012, certain criteria have subsequently been amended.  The intention of the scheme remains to enable nationals of a non-European Union country to obtain a residence permit linked to an investment activity in Portugal. 

UK Finance Bill 2013

The UK has introduced Stamp Duty, Annual Charges and CGT on UK property

owned by nonresident persons.

Stamp on duty is a transaction tax paid by the party acquiring a property that is calculated on the consideration given for the land or property or any interest in such an asset.

As we inform you in our previous articles, in relation to the legal obligation that the Spanish government established about informing of the accounts located abroad the country, it must be clarify that regarding the tax payers of this obligation, not only must inform the owners of the bank accounts but also affect to those person listed as authorized or people that have powers in the accounts